Saturday, June 26, 2010

Uni-ball Jetstream 1.0mm

Although I'm not a fan of ballpoint pens, this pen is an exception. I'm not someone to use broader tips, but this I like. The somewhat minimalistic approach to this pen is nice. This is a good pen for scribbling school notes (you know, when the teacher says things –instead of writing them down– that might be on the test next class), or if you're behind on them, or if you just fell asleep and you're trying to copy them from your friend before they have to flip the page. I've tried the .5 mm version but it was too scratchy for my taste. I have yet to try the .7 mm version though. The grip feels nice to hold and doesn't tire your hand after long periods of time. I gave this to my mom to write with for a bit since she likes ballpoints, and she also loves this! Now, every time she needs to borrow a pen (since she says mine are better than hers), she asks to borrow this pen.

So to recap...
Good: Writes smoothly, nice grip, good ink flow, thin, reasonable price.
Bad: N/A
Costs: Unavailable at, but $2.25 for the .5 and .7 mm original models.

Oh and did I mention this pen's also good for pen spinning?

(I handwrote a review for this, but I threw it away after.)


  1. I bought 1 this 2day, and other 2 of 0.7mm 101 jetstream

    the best of all..

    both Black ink..

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