Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pilot G-2: 0.38 mm

One day, my former Biology teacher asked us all if we had a favourite pen to write with. He liked to write with a fountain pen, though he didn't correct papers with it. I asked this to myself later that day and figured the Pilot G-2 was my favourite. Little did I know, those were the only pens I had along with a few dried-out Gelly Roll pens. In fact, the G-2 was the gateway pen to my addiction. I was fond of its dark ink, how it was cheap, found everywhere, and how it never failed on me. The rest is history...that and I'll tell more on another day.

This pen is one of the most widely-used pens in America. Known for its consistent ink flow and its cheap price, it's no wonder this pen is so popular. Most people have used the 0.5 mm and the 0.7 mm, but one of the finer tips –the 0.38 mm– hasn't had much of a chance to shine in the spotlight of office pen cups everywhere. In fact, I always thought the 0.38 mm was available only in Japan until now! I've been using the 0.5 mm version, but let's give the finer points in life a chance. No pun intended.

First of all, the body of this pen is quite basic. Grip, clip, plunger (that thing on the top of the pen you push), pen refill, etc. The clip is printed with "PILOT G-2 0.38." Going to the pen refill, there's a sickly yellow liquid that looks like concentrated urine sitting atop the black ink. Why, why, why does it have to be that colour? Why couldn't it be clear like the other colours? Then again, it brings a bit of...colour to the black pen...I guess.

The pen is scratchier than most 0.38 mm pens, but I guess that's what you get when you have a thin roller-ball pen. The ink flow is consistent and produces a nice, dark, fine line. There's no problems with skipping or the ink clotting on the tip.

So to recap...

Pros: Great quality for its price, produces fine, dark lines
Cons: Sickly yellow liquid in the refill, tip is slightly scratchy
Costs: $1.80 at Jetpens

Overall, I give this pen a 9.3/10.


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  2. Make it easier for the masses, please.
    Broad = 1.0mm
    Fine = 0.7mm
    Extra Fine = 0.5mm
    AND (Taa Daa)
    Ultra Fine = 0.38mm

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